Our snazzy new label


Now Available: Amphibious Merchandise!!!

Featuring Old Funky! -- It treats you right!

Our snazzy new label

Our snazzy new label

We get all our homebrew supplies at Austin Homebrew Supply! Stop on by and try what's on tap!

Check out our sister brewery: Acrobatic Brewery

A somewhat fruity Bavarian Hefe Weizen!

A nice Czech Pilsner for Swedish Independence Day!

British Pale Ale (Special Request for Stephen's House Party!)

Munich Dunkel (With a hint of chocolate!)

Salamander Stout! - A Bold Stout worthy of any warrior returning from battle with the evil empire of frogs!

Royal Raspberry Stout - A hearty stout with a bit of real berry flavor!

Hefe Wee Weizen - A lovely wheat beer proud enough for any salamander

Klassic Kahlua - Available by the gallon!

Also, for those who like drinks other than beer: The (Un)Official Internet Bartender's Guide

Or have liquor delivered to your home (in Austin)

See what books Amazon.com has on Homebrewing


Tracy Harton (harton@amphibious.org)