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This is the start of my linux support library and several utilities for this rather nifty GPS Module made by AISEN SEIKI

The modules were sold by for $20, including an antenna. They require a few very simple modifications to get them up and running communicating over a standard serial port. Unfortunately, they sold out!

Check out Tim Laren's $20 GPS Project Support Page He has Windows software, info and pictures on how to modify the part, and lots of good links.

I haven't gotten as far with this stuff as I would like, but I thought I should get it out there so people could use it.

I've also almost got support for this GPS integrated into gpsd, a cool little GPS daemon so that you can communicate with your GPS over IP, as well as for use with various mapping programs like mXmap It has been pointed out that has not been available for the last few days. I don't know what this means exactly. I'll post my gpsd version soon (tonight?) as it seems to work fine.

Download as-gps-0.1.tgz.

Download as-gps-0.2.tgz.

Download James Dugal's gpsd.patch

See what has on GPS

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